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AFRICAN AMERICANS: AFRICAN-AMERICAN MOSAIC - Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture that includes letters, newspaper accounts, documents, photographs and slave narratives.
AFRICAN-AMERICAN DOCUMENTARY SOURCES IN NORTH CAROLINA - Union catalog (full-text or images) for 50 institutions in North Carolina. (Material may be obtained through ILL, ask a YVCC Reference Librarian.)
African-American Religion in the Nineteenth Century  - National Humanities Center, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.
African-American Religion to the civil war - National Humanities Center, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.
African Americans in the Visual Arts: a Historical Perspective - Professor Melvin Sylvester, Head of Periodicals, Long Island University (C. W. Post Campus).  

The African-American Mosaic  A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture
AFRO-AMERICAN SOURCES IN VIRGINIA - Union catalog (no full-text and only a few images) for 25 institutions in Virginia. (Material may be obtained through ILL, ask a YVCC Reference Librarian.)
AMERICAN ANTI-SLAVERY GROUP - Press releases and newspaper articles on slavery in the world today.
American Slave Narratives: An Online Anthology - American Studies Hypertext at the University of Virginia, of primary sources, including American slave narratives and Charles Dickens' impressions of the new American nation.
Documenting the American South : The Southern Experience in 19th Century America - Full-text diaries and first person narratives provided by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Academic Affairs Library. Full transcriptions as well as sample page images. Good source of primary sources. related to slavery.
ELECTRONIC TEXT CENTER AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA - Primary historical sources. Includes selections from "Documenting the African American Experience" available full-text, with facsimile images for a few of the sources.
EXCERPTS FROM SLAVE NARRATIVES - First person accounts by slaves and slave traders dating from 1682 to the late 1800's.
The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences – Mitchell C. Brown, Mathematics and Physics Librarian, Princeton University.  
FREEDOM AND SOUTHERN SOCIETY PROJECT - Transcribed and original letters and documents written by slaves and freedmen/women about slavery and emancipation.
FREEDOM STORY - Teaching the African-American literature and history.

GETTING WORD ORAL HISTORY PROJECT - Project by The Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation at Monticello to follow the fate of Thomas Jefferson's slaves and their descendants.
HUMAN RIGHTS LIBRARY - Full text of the 1896 and 1956 International Conventions on Slavery. Other important international documents on human rights. (maintained by the University of Minnesota Human Rights Library).
Minority Links:  Facts on the Black or African American Population - U.S. Census Bureau.
19th CENTURY DOCUMENTS PROJECT (Furman University)  - Searchable speeches and newspaper accounts of the key talks given on slavery in the period leading up to and through the Civil War.
PAPERS OF MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR - Kings Papers project at Stanford University has numerous resources that are immensely useful for researchers and scholars.
Remembering Jim Crow - Presented by American Radioworks, a documentary about the Jim Crow era of the South (1890’s –1960’s), funded in part by the National Endowment for the Humanities.
SECRETS ROUTES TO FREEDOM - The underground railroad experience - Developed by the Institute for Research on the African Diaspora in the Americas and the Caribbean (IRADAC).  Primary sources, stories and documentaries.
TRANS-ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE DATABASE - Information on almost 35,000 slaving voyages that forcibly embarked over 10 million Africans for transport to the Americas between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries.  It offers researchers, students, and the general public a chance to rediscover the reality of one of the largest forced movements of peoples in world history.
VALLEY OF THE SHADOW - Transcripts of original slave narratives. Links to other original documents gathered from Virginia counties, such as registers of free blacks, letters, and newspaper accounts from the period before the Civil War.
The W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for Afro-American Research -"nation's oldest research center dedicated to the study of the history, culture, and social institutions of African Americans."
CHICANO: CHICANO HISTORY - Chicano/a Latin American Network (CLnet) maintained by the University of California.
CHICANO WEST - Information about Chicanos and Chicanas in the West.
FARM WORKERS AND CHICANO ARCHIVES AND HISTORY - Links maintained by Wayne State University.

Latino History and Culture - Maintained by the Smithsonian Institution.
CIVIL RIGHTS: CIVIL RIGHTS IN MISSISSIPPI DIGITAL ARCHIVES - Collection includes letters, diaries, pamphlets, photographs, oral histories and audio transcripts that focus on events that occurred in Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement and Freedom Summer.  Includes interviews with Charles Evers, Fannie Lou Hamer and Mississippi Governor Ross Barnett, local residents and northern Freedom Riders.
CIVIL WAR: CIVIL WAR CENTER - "To promote the study of the Civil War from the perspectives of all professions, occupations and academic disciplines; To locate, index, and make available all appropriate private and public data on the Internet regarding the Civil War."
Hotchkiss Map Collection: Confederate Army Maps - Contains maps made by Major Jedediah Hotchkiss (1828-1899), a topographic engineer in the Confederate Army.  Hotchkiss created detailed battle maps of the Shenandoah Valley; some were used by Generals Lee and Jackson.  The collection includes maps from post-war years -- maps with information about railroads, minerals and mining, geology and history (mostly of Virginia and West Virginia).
COLONIZATION: JAMESTOWN REDISCOVERY - The Association for Preservation of Virginia Antiquities has conducted archeological research in Jamestown Island, Virginia, since 1994.  This site is a source of information about that project.
JOURNAL OF DEMOCRACY - official education curriculum website of "America's 400th Anniversary" marking the founding of the first permanent English settlement in America at Jamestown in Virginia in 1607.
CONSTITUTION: FOUNDERS' CONSTITUTION - Print edition of The Founders' Constitution has proved since its publication in 1986 to be an invaluable aid to all those seeking a deeper understanding of one of our nation's most important legal documents.
JAMES MADISON CENTER - James Madison Center was founded in 1999 to honor the legacy of the nation's fourth President and Father of the United States Constitution.
Full range of resources and activities to support the teaching of landmark Supreme Court cases.
Independent, non-partisan, and non-profit organization dedicated to increasing public understanding of, and appreciation for, the Constitution, its history, and its contemporary relevance.
UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION ONLINE - Site includes the complete  text and related information.

GENERAL: ANY DAY IN HISTORY - Who was born? Who died? What happened on a certain date, and which holidays, religions observances are celebrated.
AMERICAN MEMORY PROJECT - Library of Congress project which is making important American history items available on the WEB.
AMERICAN STUDIES ELECTRONIC CROSSROADS  - Pedagogical, scholarly & institutional information.
AMERICA'S STORYHave fun with history while learning at the same time!  Site includes many primary sources, such as letters; diaries; records and tapes; films; sheet music; maps; prints; photographs; and digital materials that are in the collections of the Library of Congress.
ACHIEVING EARLY AMERICAN - Original newspapers, maps and writings from 18th century America.
- Searchable and browseable diary of a Revolutionary War loyalist who moved from the American Colonies to Canada to escape persecution. Full text as well as the scanned page images.
BERKELEY DIGITAL LIBRARY SunSITE - California Heritage Digital Image Access Project, includes approximately 25,000 images relating to California history from Gold Rush times to the Black Panther Party.
CENSUS DATA - HISTORICAL, SOCIAL AND DEMOGRAPHIC - Manipulate population census data for any census year from 1790 to 1860.
EXPLORERS  - Extensive collection of information found on the web about voyages of discovery and exploration.
HISTORY OF U.S. LIBRARIES - Research into the History of University Libraries in the United States and the History of their Collections.
HISTORY OF MACKINTOSH COMPUTER - Site relates the story of the Mac, including papers donated to Stanford University by Apple's corporate Library.
IN THE FIRST PERSON - English language personal narratives, including letters, diaries, memoirs, autobiographies, and oral histories. (Primary documents).
-  California State University, San Marcos maintained  links to some of the best internet portals and collections of primary documents. Note that a collection may contain materials for more than one subject area and may offer secondary material as well as primary.
NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS ADMINISTRATION - Information and displays of historical significance and interest.
NATIONAL SECURITY ARCHIVES - collects and publishes declassified documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. The Archive also serves as a repository of government records on a wide range of topics pertaining to the national security, foreign, intelligence, and economic policies of the United States.
It is an Independent non-governmental research institute and Library located at The George Washington University.
SMITHSONIAN Resources for teaching American History - Numerous primary documents and teaching suggestions.
TORTURE ARCHIVE - Access to over 83,000 pages of primary documents concerning the detention and interrogation of individuals by the U.S. government.  Maintained by George Washington University as part of the National Security Archives.

WHAT HAPPENED THIS DAY IN HISTORY - Search a specific date in history.  Database maintained by the History Channel.
IMMIGRATION: AMERICAN FAMILY IMMIGRATION HISTORY CENTER AT ELLIS ISLAND - Digitized, searchable records of every immigrant who entered the United States between 1820 and 1924 through Ellis Island.
COLLAGE (Collections Online: A Digital Library of American Immigration and Ethnic History) -
Searchable, digital research collections of documentary materials related to immigration and ethnic history.  Maintained by the Immigration History Research Center at the University of Minnesota.
JAPANESE AMERICANS: DENSHO: THE JAPANESE AMERICAN LEGACY PROJECT - "Densho" in Japanese means "to pass on to the next generation."  Site created by Seattle, Washington community group to record the histories of Japanese American internees and the events that surrounded their incarceration.
Japanese American Exhibit and Access Project -  University of Washington Libraries holdings on the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II, including a virtual exhibit of the Puyallup assembly center, Camp Harmony, and enhanced access to archival guides and inventories of UW Libraries Special Collections.
MEDICINE: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF HEALTH AND MEDICINE - Reflects the history of the museum from the Civil War.  Perhaps best known for having the bullet that killed Abraham Lincoln. Other notable pieces include preserved human specimens, microscopes, and surgical artifacts.  Includes links to comprehensive information about its research collection (anatomical, neuroanatomical and historical).
NATIVE AMERICANS: ADMINISTRATION FOR NATIVE AMERICANS - Promotes the goal of social and economic self-sufficiency of American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians and other Native American Pacific Islanders.
AMERICAN INDIANS OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST - Sponsored by the Library of Congress, this site  provides teachers and researchers with access to documents and images for use in the study of Northwest and Plateau Indian peoples and cultures.  Source materials were drawn from the collections of the University of Washington, the Cheney Cowles Museum, and the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle.
INDEX OF NATIVE AMERICAN RESOURCES - WWW Virtual Library site with links to information about American Indians.
NATIONAL INDIAN LAW LIBRARY - Maintained by the Native American Rights Fund (NARF).  Site provides free, invaluable, up-to-date coverage of federal and customary Indian law.
NATIONAL MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAN INDIANS - Committed to advancing knowledge and understanding of native cultures.
NATIVE AMERICAN TECHNOLOGY AND ART - Information about the technology of Native crafts.
NATIVEWEB - Database providing a wide range of information on Native cultures

OYATE - Works to ensure that Native lives and histories are portrayed honestly.
SOUTHERN OREGON DIGITAL ARCHIVES -  Digitized collection of items pertaining to the ecology and native peoples of the Southern Oregon region.  Included are unpublished documents that are not easily accessible to the public and materials on loan from other institutions.  It currently consists of two data collections:  the Southern Oregon Bioregions Collection (Information about plant and animal studies and watershed information) and the First Nations Tribal Collection.  (Information about history, language, culture and folklore.)
includes timeline, Encyclopedia, debates, and eyewitness accounts.
LIVE FROM PEARL HARBOR  - Website created and maintained by the History Channel.
PEARL HARBOR - Website created and maintained by National Geographic Society.
PEARL HARBOR REMEMBERED - Created to honor the survivors of Pearl Harbor.




CHARLES WEAVER CUSHMAN COLLECTION - An amateur photographer and Indiana University alumnus, he bequeathed approximately 14,500 Kodachrome color slides to his alma mater. The photographs in this collection bridge a thirty-two year span from 1938 to 1969, during which time he extensively documented the United States as well as other countries.


Library of Congress - Prints and Photographs Online Catalog  - "Provides access through group or item records to about 65% of the Division's holdings, as well as to some images found in other units of the Library of Congress. Many of the catalog records are accompanied by digital images--about one million digital images in all."

"Not all images displayed in this catalog are in the public domain. The Library offers broad public access to these materials as a contribution to education and scholarship. It is the researcher's obligation to determine and satisfy copyright or other use restrictions when publishing or otherwise distributing materials found in the Library's collections. In some collections, only thumbnail images display to those searching outside the Library of Congress because of potential rights considerations. See the Library's Legal Notices for more information."

New York Public Library Digital Gallery - includes Civil War photos, New York City historical items, 16th-century maps of North America, sheet music covers, floor plans of prewar apartments, Yiddish theater, placards, Japanese prints, menus, Russian civil war posters, theater photos, and more.


General Information:

INAUGURAL ADDRESSES OF U.S. PRESIDENTS FROM 1789 + - collection of approximately 400 items or 2,000 digital files from each presidential inauguration.  From the collections at the Library of Congress.
POTUS:  PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES - Biographical information on all Presidents of the United States.  It also includes election results, cabinet members, noble events, inaugural addresses and points of interest on each of the presidents. 
President biographies -  from the book The Presidents of the United States of America written by Frank Freidel and Hugh S. Sidey.

Individual Presidents:

        Jefferson, Thomas:

Thomas Jefferson Papers - Available from the Library of Congress, American Memory Website.

Lincoln, Abraham:

LINCOLN'S EARLY YEARS - Abraham Lincoln Historical Digitization Project is a collaborative resource of materials housed at Northern Illinois University.  The project takes Lincolns life as a starting point for a broader discussion of the times in which he lived.   In includes digital facsimiles of meeting announcements, political song books, texts of the Lincoln/Douglas debates, personal letters, documents from his presidency, and photographs.
LINCOLNS VIRTUAL LIBRARY - highlights two collections at the Library of Congress that illuminate the life of Abraham Lincoln.

Washington, George:

COMPLETE PAPERS OF GEORGE WASHINGTON - Papers collection from the Manuscript Division at the Library of Congress consists of approximately 65,000 documents. The largest collection of original Washington documents in the world. Document types in the collection as a whole include correspondence, letter books, commonplace books, diaries, journals, financial account books, military records, reports, and notes accumulated by Washington from 1741 through 1799.
PAPERS OF GEORGE WASHINGTON - Sponsored by the University of Virginia and the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association of the Union to create a complete edition of Washington's correspondence. Small set of selected documents in both transcribed and facsimile forms.

PRIMARY DOCUMENTS: PRIMARY DOCUMENTS IN AMERICAN HISTORY - Links to material digitized from the collections of the Library of Congress.  Eras of American history link to a list of the most important documents of that era.  Document coverage begins in 1763.
SEPTEMBER 11, 2001: SEPTEMBER 11 WEB ARCHIVE  -  "Our aim in creating this collection of Web materials is to preserve the Web expressions of individual people, groups, the press and institutions from around the world, in the aftermath of the attacks in the U.S. on September 11, 2001. We hope the archive provides resources for many kinds of reflection on the meanings of these events."  Site creation was commissioned by the Library of Congress and contains more than 5 terabytes of content.
SPORTS: BASEBALL - Major League Baseball website that appears to be the ultimate resource for baseball statistics with coverage back to 1871!


VIETNAM WAR: VIETNAM WAR  PROJECT - An educational organization dedicated to providing information and documents about the various Indochina Wars and to the collection and electronic publication on the web of oral histories and memoirs of both those who served in and those who opposed those conflicts.



AMERICAN WOMEN'S HISTORY ONLINE - access to digital collections of primary sources (photos, letters, diaries, artifacts, etc.) that document the history of women in the United States. These diverse collections range from Ancestral Pueblo pottery to Katrina Thomas's photographs of ethnic weddings from the late 20th century.
EARLY MODERN WOMEN DATABASES - Portal to more than 200 web resources for the study of women in early modern Europe and the Americas.  Focus on 14th to early 19th centuries.  (Primary and secondary sources).  Maintained by University of Maryland.
WORLD WAR I: POSTERS OF WORLD WAR I  - Searchable digital images of two of the most significant collections in the world of posters from World War I and World War II.
World War I: Soldiers Remembered - Browse through drawings, photographs and documents relating to World War I. Read profiles of men from Washington State who fought as well as view original services cards.



HOLOCAUST ENCYCLOPEDIA - Site is accurate, readable, and informative.  One of the best and most reliable Holocaust sources available on the Internet.
Military Situation Maps, 1944-1945 - Contains maps showing troop positions beginning on June 6, 1944, to July 26, 1945.  Starting with the D-Day Invasion, the  maps give daily details on the military campaigns in Western  Europe, showing the progress of the Allied Forces as they push towards Germany.  Some of these 416 maps and 115 reports were used by U.S. commanders. 
POSTERS OF WORLD WAR II  - Searchable digital images of two of the most significant collections in the world of posters from World War I and World War II.


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