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A single search for locating almost 18 million items held by over 250 Washington libraries of all types. Searches can be limited by region within the state, or by type of Library. Individual items are linked to local Library online catalogs for verifying availability and local information.

COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES (Click on link to search for a specific Library)

Cascade  - Unified Library catalog of the six public higher education institutions in Washington State, funded by the Washington State Legislature through a project titled: Washington State Cooperative Library Project.
Central Washington University

City University

Heritage university
Washington State University 

COMMUNITY COLLEGES (Click on link for complete list)

PUBLIC LIBRARIES (Click on link to search for a specific Library)

Yakima Valley Libraries

Miscellaneous Washington State Libraries:

Hanford Technical Library
Librarians Index to the Internet for Washington State - Search the wealth of links on subjects, including Arts, History, Science and Philosophy, with a Washington State focus and sites selected in part by Washington State librarians and Library employees.
Washington State Library

EUROPEAN: EUROPEAN LIBRARY - searches the content of European national libraries.
EUROPEANA - Direct links to digitized cultural heritage content from all of Europe's member states.  The collection includes 4.6 million digital items contributed by a wide variety of organizations.

SPECIAL:  INFOEYES -a virtual reference and information community for the visually impaired. You can ask questions via email or ask a librarian in real time via chat. The service is provided by a group of talking book libraries.
NATIONAL SCIENCE DIGITAL LIBRARY - The comprehensive source for science, technology, engineering and mathematics education. Funded by the National Science Foundation.
WESTERN WATERS DIGITAL LIBRARY - Features the collaborative effort of twelve university libraries in eight western states to provide key primary sources related to the Columbia, Colorado, Platt, and Rio Grande Rivers.  Access a wealth of digitized collections, including historic maps, hydrology reports, flood damage summaries, and wildlife guides.

ARGUS CLEARINGHOUSE  - Virtual academic Library organized into categories that closely parallel those on campus: arts and humanities, business, social sciences, and science and mathematics.  Material and organization useful for anyone doing research.
- An additional "co-Library" of the University of California campuses, with a focus on digital materials and services.  
site was designed to enable users to find fully digitized manuscripts currently available on the web.
BUBL - catalogue of selected Internet resources covering all academic subject areas and catalogued according to DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification).

- "a librarian's choice of the best of the Web".
HATHITRUST - Shared repository (2 dozen large research libraries) of digital collections, including scanned books, articles, special collections and a range of "born digital" materials.

INFOMIME virtual Library of scholarly Internet resources relevant to faculty, students, and research staff at the university level maintained by the Library of the University of California, Riverside.
INTERNET PUBLIC LIBRARY - The first public Library of and for the Internet community.  Limited number of searchable, librarian reviewed,  internet delivered sources. 
- well-organized point of access for reliable, trustworthy, librarian-selected Internet resources.
LIBRARIANS INDEX TO THE INTERNET FOR WASHINGTON STATE - Search the wealth of links on subjects, including Arts, History, Science and Philosophy, with a Washington State focus and sites selected in part by Washington State librarians and Library employees.
LIBRARYSPOT - Links to numerous online libraries, reference materials, online books, periodicals, poetry, speeches, literary criticism, and quotations
LIBRIVOX - provides free audiobooks from the public domain.
MECKLENBURG COUNTY (PLCMC) - Pay $25.00 per year (non-resident card fee) and gain access to a variety of databases you can access via the Internet.
MEL - Michigan Electronic Library - Thousands of links to high quality sites selected by a team of librarian subject specialists.
OPEN LIBRARY - "The idea
is to create a single page on the web for every book that has ever been published; an enormous, searchable catalogue of information about millions of books. It is still in beta, but already more than 23m books are in its system, drawing information from 19 major libraries and linking to the text of more than 1m out-of-copyright titles."
ScholarsArchive@OSU   Oregon State University's digital service for gathering, indexing, making available and storing the scholarly work of the Oregon State University community.
- Links to the web sites of over 1,000 scholarly societies.
UNIVERSAL DIGITAL LIBRARY - Over 1.5 million digitized books (Million book project - an outgrowth of the Universal Library)



HATHITRUST DIGITAL LIBRARY - brings together the immense collections of partner institutions in digital form, preserving them securely to be accessed and used today, and in future generations.
INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S DIGITAL LIBRARY: A LIBRARY FOR THE WORLD'S CHILDREN - Project of the University of Maryland with a goal to build an international collection that would appeal to children ages 3-13.  The site is also a platform for researchers in their quest to study international children's literature and digital material.
INTERNET ARCHIVE -  an Internet Library, with the purpose of offering permanent access for researchers, historians, and scholars to historical collections that exist in digital format.
LIBRARY OF CONGRESS - The nation's oldest federal cultural institution. The Library preserves a collection of nearly 121 million items.
LIBRARYDEX - Search for any Library in the United States with this directory of Library homepages, web-based OPACs, Friends of the Library pages, Library e-commerce affiliate links. It does not include links to terminal-based OPACs.
NATIONAL INDIAN LAW LIBRARY - Maintained by the Native American Rights Fund (NARF).  Site provides free, invaluable, up-to-date coverage of federal and customary Indian law.


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