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Battered Women's Justice Project - Information about the duties of the National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women, and the National Center on Full Faith and Credit. The Battered Women's Justice Project includes information about murder/suicide, what police should know about arresting domestic violence suspects, economic stress and domestic violence, and how to assist battered women who stay. 
CRS Report for Congress: International Violence Against Women: U.S. Response and 'Policy Issues - Provides information on the Types of Violence women face worldwide; the Key Issues of the subject; Social and Health Consequences; Administration Efforts; Selected United Nations and other International Efforts; Current and Emerging Issues; and U.S. legislation dealing with violence against women.
emedicinehealth: Sexual Assault - A premier site on topics dealing with a sexual assault: What to do, Treatment, Forms of Sexual Assault, and Preventing an Assault.
National Center for Victims of Crime: Stalking Resource Center - Seeks to promote awareness of stalking and promote responses to the crime of stalking by providing a wealth of information and statistics to victims, community agencies, media, public, and law enforcement agencies. Victim assistance includes creating a safe plan, using technology in stalking cases, and creating incident and behavior log. It provides excellent coverage on laws governing stalking, including criminal, civil, federal, tribal and military. Resources dealing with stalking are available in Spanish and geared toward specific groups; international (Australia, United Kingdom, The Netherlands), national, and individual states. An annotated bibliography provides additional sources.

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence - Provides information on how victims can protect themselves, including workplace and legal guidelines. Legislative priorities, Laws (state, national, international), and Programs (Financial, Reconstructive Surgery). The Resource section provides a wealth of information, including fact sheets, state coalitions, organizations, position papers, and publications.
National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) - Provides a Resource Center Library with access to the collections from NSVRC and the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape. It also provides information on activities of the center, including Projects, Publications (types and topics are numerous), Organizations, News, and Opportunities. The Publications section alone makes this a valuable site.

NCVC: Violence Against Women - Provides information on violence against women. Domestic violence, rape-related posttramatic stress disorder, and sexual assault information.
Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) - The nation's largest organization dealing with sexual assault. An easy-to-use Web site providing ways to Get Help, Get Info, and Get Involved. The News Room provides resources including multimedia, press releases, statistics, and speakers.
Toolkit to End Violence Against Women - Provides 16 chapters on combating violence against women. Each chapter discusses a specific issue from Strengthening Community-Based Services and Advocacy for Victims to The United States Within the International Community-Responding to Trafficking in Persons. Additional chapters highlight violence against women in the military, Native American women, and violence in sports.


Amnesty International: Honor Killings - Provides a fact sheet on honor killings which discusses the concept of the honor kill, the causes, and the justification for an honor killing.
United Nations Development Fund for Women: UNIFEM: Violence Against Women - UNIFEM works to advance women's rights and create gender equality. Statistics are reported on several areas, including Trafficking, HIV/AIDS and Violence, and Crimes Against Women in Situations of Armed Conflict. Provides links to numerous articles of the United Nations and UNIFEM dealing with violence and women.

WAVE-Women Against Violence Europe - A network of European women's nongovernmental organizations concentrating on violence within the family and intimate relationships. Includes the 2008 country report, "A Right for Protection and Support." which covers 44 countries, providing information on population (including the percentage of women), Femicide, Domestic Violence, Services, Shelters, Marital Rape, Sexual Harassment, and Stalking. The site also provides information on Help Services by Country, Projects, Activities, Publications, and access to documents from the United Nations, European Union, Council of Europe, and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.
World Health Organization: Female Genital Mutilation - Provides the key facts concerning female genital mutilation, discusses the four major types of mutilation (Clitoridectomy, Excision, Infibulation, and Other), Causes, and Justification.

UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT RESOURCES: Bureau of Justice Statistics: Female Victims of Violence - Information on nonfatal and fatal intimate partner violence, characteristics of rape and sexual assault, and characteristics of stalking. Also includes definitions of violence crime (homicide, rape, assault).
Centers for Disease Control (CDC): Violence Prevention -  Information on Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and Sexual Violence categorized under:

1.) "General Information" which includes a variety of topics, such as Understanding Intimate Partner Violence, Preventing Violence Against Women, and the World Report on Violence and Health;
2.) "What's New" which includes podcasts (When Closeness Goes Wrong), Delta Program (Domestic Violence Prevention Enhancement and Leadership Through Alliances), and Measuring Intimate Partner Victimization and Perpetration: A Compendium of Assessment Tools;
3.) "Scientific Information" offers Definitions (sexual violence, physical violence) and provides uniform definitions, Data, Risk and Protective Factors, Consequences, and Prevention Strategies with greater accuracy in research and statistical resources;
4.) "Featured Resources" provides links to the National Domestic Hotline, Online Resource Information, and CDC's Extramural Research Program. 

Site also provides excellent resources on violence and teen dating including a fact sheet, "Understanding Teen Dating Abuse,"  a video, Break the Silence: Stop the Violence which can be downloaded.
United States Department of Health and Human Services: - Service of the Office on Women's Health offers an assortment of information dealing with violence and women. From providing information on what constitutes abuse to providing a Safety Planning List to help those planning to leave abusers to links to state resources. Resources are also available by group (elder abuse, immigrants and refugee, same-sex) to assist in locating relevant information.
United States Department of Justice: Intimate Partner Violence - Provides information on the types of intimate partner violence as well as causes and consequences, intervention strategies, shelters, murder, suicide (risk factors, role of guns) It also provides links for special populations: African-American, Latino, Asian/Pacific Island, and the deaf.
United States Department of Justice: Office on Violence Against Women - Provides information on Help for Victims, including telephone numbers and links to other sites. Additional information is provided on Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking; definitions; publications; and other resources including "Fact Sheets" which address topics such as the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), Anonymous Reporting and Forensic Examinations, and Violence Against Women in Indian Country. Federal legislation, international issues, reports, and other significant documents.



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